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Welcome to Monarch Media and Marketing Company. Based in Wilmington, North Carolina and with a satellite office in Burbank, CA, Monarch is certainly a "coast to coast" company serving the internet web development and website marketing needs of companies looking to succeed. We are a full service development and marketing offering services aimed at enabling companies of all sizes and types the opportunity to reach their full potential online. Whether you are looking to have a site designed or redesigned, incorporate Social Networking into your existing site, or learn more about how your company can become more productive and visable online, Monarch Media and Marking Company is the right choice for all of your web service and marketing needs.

Having started from a small 130 sq. ft. office in Los Alamitos, CA in 1995, Monarch Media has developed into an award-winning marketing team having served the needs of more then 300 companies worldwide. However throughout our growth our philosophy has remained constant; "serve one client at time, build one site at at time, and remember that the customer's needs outweigh the needs of the company."

We take a more conservative approach to our web design and marketing. What can be done and what should be done with a website are different, as is the objective and approach that we take for our customers. There are many factors that go in to building a proper website that gets results, and at Monarch Media we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that what we are doing makes sense for your company objectives.

Our website does not contain a lot of technological We invite you to visit our site and ask us any questions you may have. We work hard for each client to provide the highest quality service at an affordable rate, and we would like to work with you.

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